Let Mom take the morning off and have the kids help make her one of these easy Mother's Day breakfast ideas—from beginner to advanced.
tray of food for mother's day breakfast in bed

I'm a working mother of two kids under 8. For the last two months, my husband and I have been working from home full time, while trying to parent and homeschool at the same time. During the coronavirus pandemic, while some people have found themselves with more time on their hands for cooking projects and stress baking, I find myself wondering how on earth I can fit everything in the day. I'm so grateful to be healthy to have a job that allows me to work remotely, but also...I'm just tired.

So what do I want for Mother's Day this year? A much-needed break, and a few minutes to myself, please and thank you. Nothing fancy! I'd like to sleep in till I wake up on my own. Then when I do, I'd like my hubby to bring me a cup of coffee (I'm not asking for whipped mochaccino; a simple brew will do)  and that book I've been meaning to read for two months. And I'd be thoroughly impressed if my family made me breakfast while I sit lazily in the comfort of that lovely piece of furniture that doesn't see enough of me: bed.

Got a mother in your life to celebrate? Let me make this easy for you! Make your wife/mom/mother-of-your-children breakfast in bed. I'm willing to bet she won't argue with being waited on hand and foot for an hour or two.

Here are three easy Mother's Day breakfast-in-bed menus below—from super-easy to super-impressive. As a mom, I can tell you, I would be delighted to receive any of these delicious trays and a little time to just chill. But to be honest, I would even be happy with just coffee and toast and some quality me-time. So, don't stress out, just have fun and celebrate Mom for everything that she does to feed you, keep you healthy, safe and happy. And try to forget for a moment all the random screaming-at-you she's been doing lately, because quarantine.

This is her day, take care of your queen! (Bonus points if you do the laundry and vacuum the house.)

Beginner: So Easy, the Kids Can Help

Breakfast in Bed Menu

This easy Mother's day breakfast menu is a great one to make with kids. The pound cake is super simple (and takes just one bowl). Bake it up the day before, so all you have to do the morning of is brew the coffee and cut up the fruit. Don't want to keep Mom waiting too long!

Coffee-just the way she likes it. (Don't miss these 9 Rules for How to Make a Perfect Cup of Coffee.)

Intermediate: Take It Up a Notch

Breakfast in Bed Menu

This menu will take a little more time, so bring her some coffee and a book or magazine to read in bed while she waits for the feast to come together.

Advanced: Knock Her Socks Off

Breakfast in Bed Menu

This menu takes some skill, but if you can pull it off, you're really going to impress her!

Crusty bread

Hint: If you've never poached an egg before, try this no-fail egg poaching technique with step-by-step photos!