Victoria Seaver
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Meal planning aficionado, passionate dietitian and meal-prep lover inspired by global cuisine and a balanced approach to eating healthfully and exercising. An eternal optimist and bad liar.

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As a senior digital editor for, Victoria Seaver, M.S., R.D. is responsible for creating high-quality meal plans and articles that make healthy eating easy and doable, even on the busiest weeks.

She has developed more than 200 meal plans for, including weekly dinner plans, meal-prep plans and condition-specific meal plans that cover health topics such as weight loss, diabetes management, the Mediterranean diet and more. Victoria developed the rigorous and detailed meal plan nutrition guidelines and ensures all new meal plans meet these standards and works with other writers and dietitians to help them meet these standards when creating content for

Additionally, Victoria writes ThePrep column and newsletter, where she engages with readers through her meal planning expertise and friendly demeanor. She also oversees the Good.Food.Fast. program where highlights the healthiest convenient items to buy to make mealtimes less stressful, plus helpful hacks for ordering healthy when eating out. Lastly, Victoria manages Nourish,'s special diets program that helps people choose foods that will help them feel their best whether it's for a healthy heart, a gluten-free diet, weight loss goals or a low-carb diet.

Victoria completed her undergraduate and graduate studies at the University of Vermont where she earned a B.S. in dietetics, nutrition and food science and an M.S. in dietetics to become a registered dietitian-and she has not left Vermont since. Prior to joining EatingWell in 2015, she worked as a nutrition counselor in private practice where she taught 12-week weight-loss courses to clients in both one-on-one and group settings. She also worked as an in-store nutritionist for a local health food market. Victoria has dedicated much of her time to the Vermont Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (VAND), the state's professional organization for food and nutrition experts, as a volunteer and board member. She also presents a yearly seminar to the graduate dietetics program at the University of Vermont.

Originally from southern New Jersey, Victoria loves life in Vermont: skiing in the snowy winters, hiking and biking in the beautiful summer and fall seasons and exploring all things food and drink. She loves to travel, explore new cultures and discover interesting food pairings. Growing up, you could find Victoria on the soccer and lacrosse fields; nowadays, on the tennis court or in spin classes. Her secret talent: the ability to both whistle continuously and breathe at the same time.

My point of view:

What does "eating well" mean to me?

Eating well is all about striking a balance-eating for your health most of the time (which can still be delicious and exciting, as you see with all of EatingWell's healthy and tasty recipes), but also enjoying things like crispy french fries, refreshing Vermont beer and creamy Ben & Jerry's ice cream. (Can you tell what some of my favorite things are?) Eating should always be an enjoyable experience, so allowing yourself to live in the gray area and not be so black and white about what foods you can and cannot eat, helps to make that a reality.

The three ingredients I simply couldn't live without…

•   Cilantro: Put it on eggs, tacos, salads or pureed into a sauce, I'll eat this fresh, flavorful herb however and whenever.

•   Salt: It gets a bad rap, but when used appropriately, it can take a dish from "blah" to "wow!" with just a tiny pinch.

•   Sour cream: With crispy tortilla chips and a little hot sauce, or mixed in with whatever one-pot dinner I'm making at the moment, sour cream just makes life better. 

My go-to dinner for nights when there's no plan…

Veggie stir-fry with rice and beans. There's sure to be a handful of veggie odds and ends in my fridge, and my pantry basket is never without onion and garlic. Pantry staples like brown rice and canned beans are perfect, shelf-stable additions for a well-rounded meal. Add some dried herbs and spices and a dash of one or more of the 50 hot sauces weighting down my fridge door, and I have a delicious, healthy and stress-free dinner. Some inspiration: The Only Stir-Fry Recipe You Need and Farmers' Market Fried Rice.

The healthy habit I've committed to…

I like to get my workout done in the mornings. I start my day feeling more energized, motivated and relaxed, I get to enjoy my free time after work, and I also tend to get a better night's sleep. Extra motivation: I sign up for prepaid morning spin classes, so you lose the money if you miss the class.

My favorite EatingWell recipe…

I am ALL about a deeply flavored broth or sauce and this Green Chicken Curry recipe always delivers. The sauce is delicious, and is made without an excessive amount of expensive spices. And it's flexible: if I don't have all the veggies listed, I can just swap in whatever I have on hand. It's easy to prepare, budget-friendly, veggie-packed and super-satisfying. Not to mention, it's perfect for lunch the next day as the flavors intensify overnight in the fridge.

What I work on:

• 14-Day Clean-Eating Meal Plan showcases the balanced, EatingWell approach to clean eating by highlighting healthy, whole foods, packed with the nutrients your body needs to naturally detox.

• 7-Day Vegan Meal Plan is veggie-packed, high in fiber and complete with healthy amounts of plant-based protein to keep you feeling full and satisfied.

Simple 30-Day Weight Loss Meal Plan delivers a full month of easy-to-make recipes and helpful meal-prep tips to set you up for weight-loss success.

•  Browse all EatingWell Meal Plans here.