After work most nights you'll find me in the kitchen. I pour a glass of wine, get organized and start cooking. I listen to the radio. Or chat on the phone. I'm not in a hurry. I buzz along at my own pace, winding down from the day.

But I've got two things going for me: no kids and a husband who loves to eat late. My laid-back take on cooking most nights is not the norm. The editors here at EatingWell tell me about it all the time. Take our senior food editor, Carolyn Malcoun. She gets home by 6 and the whole family is sitting down to eat by 6:30 every night. She's a speedy cook, plus she's got some tactics, like meal planning and shopping on the weekends, that help her get it done.

Even for me there are times when I'm tired to the bone. Or I've stayed way too late at work. Sometimes a dead-simple meal is just what I need. So that's why I'm super-excited about this announcement: we're launching a line of EatingWell frozen dinners. They'll be in supermarkets across the country in September (See Where to Buy). And they taste amazing. My favorite is a Moroccan chicken spiked with harissa, served with zucchini, yellow peppers and Israeli couscous...whole-grain, of course.

As you might imagine, when we embarked on creating these frozen meals I was conflicted. I love to cook from scratch and as editor of EatingWell, my job is about inspiring you to do the same. But as I thought more, I considered that beyond cooking, the bigger picture is that we want to help you be healthier and eat better every day. So if we were able to offer healthy food that tastes delicious for people who are too busy to cook, wouldn't that be a great thing? And if we could make it affordable, even better, right? Seems like an easy yes.

The other big reason I'm pumped about these meals is that our food editor, Jim Romanoff, and I were there every step of the way, choosing the ingredients. The chicken, beef and pork come from animals raised without antibiotics. The meals have no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Each has a full 1-cup serving of vegetables. Plus we even went with Vermont Cheddar in our mac & cheese. Gotta be home-state loyal!

Of course we're still here to help you cook. And we're aiming to make that easier than ever-from weekly dinner plans that take the work out of meal planning to speedy dinner ideas and genius cooking videos to inspire you to get in the kitchen.

Now there's no excuse not to eat well!

Jessie Price

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