Is it OK to have some fries if you're trying to lose weight or eat cleaner? Turns out, your favorite indulgences are no longer off limits, even when you're trying to slim down or eat healthier. Adding a small portion of a splurge food to an otherwise healthy plate tricks your brain into thinking your healthy dish is just as decadent as a junky smorgasbord, revealed a recent study from the journal Management Science. It's called the "vice-virtue bundle." "Good taste brings about satisfaction, but so does knowing you made a wise choice," says lead author Kelly Haws, Ph.D., of Vanderbilt University.

So indulging in a few fries as you chow down on your salad could result in a double helping of fulfillment, while still keeping your diet on track. Try one of these slimming 400-calorie dinners and don't worry about adding something indulgent (ie: fries, chocolate, wine) on the side.