We want you to make 2016 your healthiest year yet. Join us January 4-29 for the Make Healthy Happen Challenge. We'll be offering tips, recipes, dinner plans and inspiration to make healthy happen.

Pictured Recipe: Quick Shepherd's Pie

It's the final week of our Make Healthy Happen Challenge. You can still keep things going after this week. EatingWell has plenty of meal plans and healthy recipes to stay healthy all year. In the meantime, Week 4's dinners include Quick Shepherd's Pie (loaded with veggies) and a healthy Broccoli-Cheddar-Chicken Chowder.

Here are our final challenge inspiration tips to help you make healthy happen:

1. Comfort Food Fail: That brownie sundae won't actually make you feel better (science says). Here's why the term "comfort food" is misleading.

2. Befriend the Scale: If the scale seems like your worst enemy, it's time to make peace. Here's why and how you should.

3. Check Your Cart: When you're at the grocery store be sure to take a close look at your cart. Turns out 61% of the food we buy is highly processed. Here's a tip to make your cart healthier.

4. Healthy Habits: Don't miss our healthy habits video series to help you lose weight the healthy way.