Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen have a pretty strict diet according to this interview with their private chef on It's not a huge surprise given that keeping their bodies in tiptop health is incredibly important for their respective careers. We're totally on board with their mostly plant-based eating habits (lots of produce and whole grains) and their focus on quality proteins like wild salmon and grass-fed organic steak.

But, there are a lot of foods they don't eat, like sugar and white flour, which can be tough to cut out completely (at EatingWell, we limit them). Their diet also eliminates nightshade vegetables, like tomatoes, peppers and eggplants, which are full of healthy vitamins and nutrients. Plus, Tom says he's never even had a sip of coffee and no caffeine is allowed on their diet.

So, while we don't recommend eating entirely like the supermodel and super-star quarterback, I'll be taking a page out of their handbook and making this vegan, gluten-free, paleo snack to enjoy for dessert tonight.

These yummy bites have only four ingredients and are made with no added sugar. They'd make a great halftime snack. Even though Tom and Gisele limit their fruit intake, we'd like to think they'd make an exception for these. See How to Make These Mango Date Energy Bites.

Here are some other healthy football snacks to make that the Brady-Bundchen household could totally dig into:

Use carrot sticks as dippers and omit the hot sauce or hot peppers if you're going super-strict Brady style. Or spice it up and enjoy with tortilla chips if your diet is a little more liberal.

Popcorn is a whole grain and the nuts add healthy fats. Look for dried cherries or cranberries sweetened with fruit juice or choose an unsweetened fruit like raisins.

If homemade sushi is good enough for the Brady kids, it's good enough for us! Use wild salmon or omit the salmon altogether for a vegan snack.

Another kid-friendly snack, these apple chips are definitely healthier than cracking open a bag of potato chips.