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A glass of wine can easily fit into a healthy diet. But not every glass is equal. Many wineglasses are so big that you can end up pouring well over a standard 5-ounce pour. Here are three healthy hacks that can help you pour-and drink-a little less, without even realizing it. Cheers!

Take a bird's eye view
Look at your glass from above as you pour and you'll sip about 15 fewer calories. Why? It appears more full from above than when you look at it from the side.

See red
Picking red wine over white can help you dole out 9 percent less, since it's easier to see how much you've poured. Red wine is a good choice, too, because it contains more antioxidants than white.

Shape matters
People pour 12 percent less wine into taller, thinner white-wine glasses compared to wider red-wine glasses-even though both hold 10 ounces. The taller glass appears bigger, so you pour less.

Our favorite glass picks-for smaller pours without whining about less wine: Riedel Wine Series Cabernet/Merlot Glass; Schott Zwiesel White Wine Glass for Pier 1.