Whether you're out shopping at the mall or grabbing a bite at the airport, food courts can present a challenge when it comes to your healthy eating habits. Beat the temptations of the food court by following these easy healthy eating tips.

When you're hungry, the food court gives you dozens of options to choose from. But it's not so easy to figure out what to eat if you're trying to make healthy choices. We scoured the food court dining options to help you make healthy decisions the next time you're stuck at the food court.

First, if you're craving Mexican, skip the tortilla and order your burrito as a bowl or salad to save 300 calories. Load up with fajita veggies and salsa, which are both low in calories and high in filling fiber. Round out your lighter meal with guacamole instead of sour cream.

At a sandwich shop, be sure to start your order with whole-grain bread. Skip mayo and opt for mustard, which is much lower in calories. Then, pile on the veggies-lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber-to help fill you up without lots of calories.

And if you're in the mood for Chinese food, choose an entrée that pairs protein with vegetables like chicken or beef with broccoli. Add a small side of brown rice and steamed mixed vegetables to complete your plate. Be sure to skip the fried starters like dumplings and egg rolls as well as noodle dishes, which tend to be pretty high in calories.

Remember, lots of restaurants post their nutrition information online or on the menu. Be sure to take a look before chowing down.