EatingWell's Oscar-Ready Party Menu

My family hosts an Oscar party every year and each time we try to outdo ourselves when it comes to the party food and menu. It's a fun challenge to pair dish ideas with nominees, giving our inner punners free rein. (In past years, for instance, we've had Lord of the Onion Rings and Dallas Buyers Club Sandwiches.)

Here's the food we'll be serving on Oscar night in honor of this year's eight Best Picture contenders.


Whiplash: Our first pun of the evening will be turning Lemon-Thyme Whipped Ricotta into Keep-in-Time Whiplash Ricotta, with plenty of crunchy vegetables for dipping. (Unlike the harsh drumming instructor in the movie, this recipe is actually quite forgiving. You just whip up ricotta with lemon juice, thyme and shallot in a food processor-and you can make it a day ahead to minimize stress.)

The Imitation Game: Just like Benedict Cumberbatch breaking codes in World War II, we'll solve the enigma of what other appetizer to serve with a (Cumber)batch of Deconstructed Spicy Crab Rolls.

Birdman: Since we need plenty of apps so guests can grab a few things and get back to critiquing the red-carpet attire, a bird-related finger food to offer will be Boneless Buffalo Wings.


The Grand Budapest Hotel: This year's signature Best Picture cocktail is the Pome[Grand]ate Cosmos. It's pink, stylish and includes Grand Marnier!

American Sniper: We may also make Pear-Ginger Shooters, to commemorate sharpshooting Chris Kyle.

Main Dish

Boyhood: In the spirit of this coming-of-age tale, we'll get nostalgic with Tuna-&-Tomato Mac & Cheese, a mash-up of the tuna noodle casserole and mac and cheese a lot of us grew up with.

The Theory of Everything: We can also have Green Curry [of Everything] Soup, since it can be made days ahead, which takes care of the time element (see what I did there, Stephen Hawking?).


Selma: We could buy black-and-white cookies, but it would be more fun to bake up some Gingerbread Cookie Thins with integrated icing or we're-all-in-this-together Apricot-Almond Sandwich Cookies, half-dipped in chocolate.

Best of luck to all the nominees!