Granola's health halo can be well deserved; after all, it's made with whole oats, nuts and dried fruit and most brands have 3 grams of fiber per ¼-cup serving. But they can be high in sugar and calories. Here's how to pick the healthiest and tastiest.

Sugar Smarts: Almost all granolas have some sugar-it's one reason they're so yummy. Look for one with no more than 6 grams per ¼ cup.

Check the Calories: Granolas pack around 100-130 calories in a small 1/4-cup serving. That's about twice what you'll find in many cereals. So keep serving size in mind and try just a bit of granola on top of yogurt or ricotta with lots of fruit. If you like granola with milk, bulk up your bowl with fruit or mix in another lower-calorie cereal.

  • Brands We Like:
  • Whole Foods 365 Organic Fruit & Nut Granola
  • Kind Oats & Honey Clusters
  • Purely Elizabeth Blueberry Hemp
  • Back to Nature Classic
  • Bear Naked Maple-Icious Pecan
  • Love Grown Foods Apple Walnut Delight