65 Different Names for Sugar

Sugar goes by many names. Here are a list of names for sugar that you may see on the label.

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Sugar seems to be everywhere these days-in foods that taste sweet and even foods that don't. It sweetens up everything from yogurts and coffee drinks to sauces and crackers to pizzas and salad dressings. Sugar goes by many names, but whether it's cane sugar, syrup, honey or fructose, it pretty much gets treated the same way by your body.

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The American Heart Association recommends that women consume no more than 6 teaspoons of added sugar daily (for men the cap is 9 teaspoons) and that can add up quickly. If you're scanning labels, here's what you should look for.

Here are some of the 56+ different names for sugar that may appear on your food labels.

1. Anhydrous dextrose

2. Agave

3. Agave nectar

4. Beet sugar

5. Brown sugar (light and dark brown)

6. Cane juice

7. Cane juice solids

8. Cane sugar

9. Cane syrup

10. Carob syrup

11. Caster sugar

12. Coconut sugar

13. Confectioners' sugar

14. Corn syrup

15. Corn syrup solids

16. Crystalline fructose

17. Date sugar

18. Demerara sugar

19. Dextran

20. Dextrose

21. Dehydrated cane juice

22. Evaporated cane juice

23. Evaporated cane syrup

24. Evaporated sugar cane

25. Fructose

26. Fructose crystals

27. Fruit juice crystals

28. Fruit juice concentrate

29. Glazing sugar

30. Glucose

31. Glucose syrup

32. Golden sugar

33. Golden syrup

34. Granulated sugar

35. High-fructose corn syrup (HFCS)

36. Honey

37. Icing sugar

38. Invert sugar

39. Invert syrup

40. King's syrup

41. Lactose

42. Maple syrup

43. Maple sugar

44. Maltose

45. Malt sugar

46. Malt syrup

47. Molasses

48. Muscovado

49. Nectar

50. Pancake syrup

51. Panocha

52. Powdered sugar

53. Raw sugar

54. Refiners' syrup

55. Sorghum

56. Sorghum syrup

57. Sucanat

58. Sucrose

59. Sugar

60. Superfine sugar

61. Table sugar

62. Treacle

63. Turbinado sugar

64. White sugar

65. Yellow sugar

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