Learn about what inspires the CEO of Hampton Creek and how he's focused on improving the world.

Lindsay Westley
November 14, 2014

Learn about what inspires the CEO of Hampton Creek and how he's focused on improving the world.

After seeing malnutrition firsthand while working in Africa for seven years, Josh Tetrick, CEO of Hampton Creek, returned to the U.S. determined to create a cheap and healthful source of protein. He teamed up with biochemists, farmers and chefs to find a plant with the properties and nutritional value of the conventional chicken egg-minus the chicken. The result? A more sustainable and affordable protein, derived from the Canadian yellow pea, found in Hampton Creek's Just Mayo (sold at Whole Foods, Walmart, Safeway and more) and cookie-dough mix. We talked to Tetrick about his initiatives.

Why do we need plant-based food alternatives?

We still eat in ways that aren't good for the environment because it's tasty, cheap and convenient. I want to create a new food system that makes it ridiculously easy for people to make more sustainable choices-starting with the egg. We're not trying to replace the egg, but instead make another very efficient protein.

How can we use plants to impact the global food system?

We source our plants from farmers across the world. My heart is very much still in Africa, and I'd like to plug those farmers into a sustainable farming model that makes the food system even better at the same time. We're focused on solving problems for people everywhere-not just people who can afford pricier food.

What's next?

Finding the next food solution and feeding the world. We've identified plants that can help us use less sugar in packaged foods. And we're working on high-protein low-cost snacks to transport to third-world countries.

November/December 2014