Trying to choose chips that are healthy can be a real challenge at the grocery store. Whether it's corn tortilla chips or potato chips, there are dozens of chips to choose from.

We put two kinds of chips – potato and tortilla – head to head to find out, which is healthier: this or that?

Winner: It's a draw.

Surprising as it was to many shoppers we surveyed, tortilla chips do not win here, as Joyce Hendley originally reported for EatingWell.

In fact, neither variety of chip should be thought of as a health food. But when you stack them up against each other there are some small nutritional differences.

Both potato chips and tortilla chips come in endless variations that make other nutrition comparisons practically impossible.

Here's what we can tell you:

Potato Chips: Potato chips have slightly more calories and fat, and a little more sodium.

But they also contain a fair amount of potassium. Surprisingly, a little bit more than a banana!

Tortilla Chips: Some tortilla chips come in multigrain varieties flecked with black beans, flaxseeds and other grains, which can sometimes add a little more fiber to the chips.

Calories: No matter what variety you choose of either potato chips or tortilla chips, you'll get about the same amount of calories per serving-around 150 calories.

You can also get baked versions of both, which contain less fat, but often come with more sodium. And the baked varieties don't always taste as great as the real deal.

Our Advice: Consider both these snacks something to enjoy in moderation as an occasional treat, and don't split hairs with nutrition info.