Your social connections-family, friends, coworkers, online buddies-can help you slim down, so use them to to your advantage! When friends participated in a weight-loss program together, they lost more weight-and were more successful at keeping it off-than people who did the same program on their own, says research. Plus, dieting with others can be fun and make you more likely to stick to your commitments. You'll share successes and challenges, help support each other's goals, eat healthy meals and exercise together.

Lisa D?Agrosa, M.S., R.D., Associate Nutrition Editor

Today's Editor's Tip:

Lisa D'Agrosa, M.S., R.D., Associate Nutrition Editor

"I was on the phone with my dad a few months ago, when both of us were feeling a little blah about a couple extra pounds we had put on. Too many parties, too many bites of birthday cake, too many beers, not enough time to cook, not enough time to exercise.the excuses went on. Rather than continuing to commiserate together, I realized we could be each other's support system. Now, we text about the healthy meals we are cooking, remind each other to exercise and provide encouragement when one of us starts to lose motivation. I'm so proud of my dad that he's down a few pounds and eating more veggies; it's just icing on the cake that the same benefits have come my way too."

Actionable Tip: Find one person-a friend, coworker, family member-and come up with a way to help keep each other accountable. Cook a low-calorie dinner together, go for regular walks, whatever it takes to become a supportive team.