Lisa Valente, M.S., RD
December 29, 2013

Wouldn't you love it if you could eat more and still lose weight? Eating foods that are low in calories, like vegetables, lets you increase the size of your portions. But it's not just extra veggies; there are other ways to help you pump up the volume of your food as well. Try adding liquids (think: bean soup instead of a smaller portion of just beans) and eating airy foods (snacking on popcorn or choosing large tubular pasta shapes instead of denser shapes).

Today's Editor's Tip:
Nicci Micco, Content Director, Custom Publishing and Licensing
"I often turn last night's dinner leftovers into a salad, simply by plopping them onto a bed of greens. Things like grilled salmon or chicken are no-brainers, but I also use roasted veggies (including potatoes), lentil and rice side dishes, hummus, whatever I've got. Stretching small amounts of leftovers by supplementing them with lots of greens makes for a filling meal that saves calories-and waste."