Snacks can keep your diet on track by preventing your hunger from getting out of control. But if you don't pick the right ones, in healthy amounts, they can derail your diet instead. Foods with protein and fiber make especially satisfying snacks-they help keep you full on few calories. Try carrots and hummus, nonfat cottage cheese and orange slices, plain nonfat yogurt and diced pear, almonds and raisins, or an apple with almond butter.

Stacy Fraser,

Today's Editor's Tip:
Stacy Fraser, Test Kitchen Manager
"I need to eat frequently to feel good all day. When I'm working in the Test Kitchen, I "snack" on healthy little samples of EatingWell recipes all day. But, at home and on the weekend, I have to plan my snacking more carefully so I don't eat too much or grab something that's loaded with calories when I start to feel hungry (think: candy bar in the grocery store line). I carry healthy snacks for me (and my kids) wherever I go. I even pack an insulated bag with a little ice pack for my car if I'm doing errands, to bring along foods like almonds, fruit, small portions of yogurt and granola, cheese sticks, carrots and hummus, low-sugar granola bars."

Actionable Tip: Pick a snack today with a mix of protein and fiber.