What you eat is only part of your weight-loss success. To burn calories and fat, you need to get moving. Just as you've started to plan your week of meals, put exercise on your calendar. The recommended weekly amount of activity for adults is 150 minutes of moderate activity, like brisk walking, or 75 minutes of more vigorous activity like running, plus at least two strength-training sessions. Just 10 minutes at a time is enough to get the benefits of exercise (and we can all find 10 minutes in our schedules). Make a walking date with a friend, or try a new class at your gym. Committing to exercise is the first step to making it happen. Find more tips and tools for exercising here.

Today's Editor's Tip:
Brierley Wright, M.S., R.D., Nutrition Editor
"With a 1-year-old and a full-time job, finding time to exercise is harder than ever. I've gotten really good at saying, "I'm too busy (or tired) today, I'll exercise tomorrow," but then tomorrow comes and goes and I don't exercise. When I take the time to schedule in my exercise for the week, I'm so much more likely to actually follow through. I have different scheduling tactics, depending on the day. On weekends, my husband and I make a plan on Friday night or Saturday morning so we both can fit in a workout while the other spends time with our daughter. During the week, I block out an hour in my work calendar a couple of days of the week (usually during lunch) so no one can schedule a meeting, and I keep an extra work-out outfit on hand in my desk so I'm always prepared to go for a jog or take a yoga class."

Actionable Tip: Spend 5 minutes scheduling in your exercise this week.