Love bananas? Toffee? How about whipped cream? Then you've got to try banoffee pie, one of Great Britain's sweetest contributions to the confectionary world.

No denying that it's irresistibly creamy, caramelly and sugary. But it's also usually quite a calorie bomb, so we've taken the classic and given it a little nip-'n'-tuck.

The result: Our pie has half the calories, over 65 percent less saturated fat and 40 percent less sugar than a traditional version. Don't worry-it still delivers all the amazing taste of the original.

Here are five ways we made banoffee pie healthier:

1. We piled on the potassium-rich bananas, which also add natural sweetness.

2. For the filling we use half as much sweetened condensed milk (it's loaded with calories) and choose the nonfat kind to slash saturated fat.

3. The super-sweet toffee in this pie begs for the cool counterpoint of whipped cream. But you don't need a cream mountain atop your pie. A modest layer does the trick.

4. To avoid trans fats, make the crust with graham crackers without any partially hydrogenated vegetable oil.

5. Rather than a stick of butter, we use just 3 tablespoons. That's all this crust needs!

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