Here’s how to fit more vegetables into your diet—and do so deliciously—with fresh, frozen, canned and jarred produce.

Megan O. Steintrager
Updated April 10, 2020

Normally for EatingWell’s annual Eat More Veg Challenge, we focus on how to fit more fresh vegetables into your diet. But it’s no secret that things are anything but normal right now. If you are eating less produce than usual with everything that’s going on, that’s perfectly OK. But there are ways to fit more vegetables onto your plate even if you’re limiting trips to the grocery store, including adding canned, frozen, jarred and long-lasting fresh produce to your meals. Here are 30 ways that we’re eating more vegetables right now—join us! 

31 Recipes to Eat More Vegetables This Month

Here are our calendar tips with more detail for those of you following along with the challenge:

  • How to Eat More Veg This Month

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Sneak Veggies into Your Meals

Veggie-Packed Meal Plans

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