In this face-off of favorite Super Bowl snacks, we tell you which football snacks are the healthier option.

We all know that for many of us, the fun of Super Bowl Sunday comes from watching the commercials-and from enjoying 4+ hours of nonstop snacking! Here are our healthiest picks for Super Bowl snacks to enjoy on game day.

- EatingWell Editors

Pictured Recipe: Boneless Buffalo Wings

Chicken Wings vs. Baby Back Ribs

Chicken wings
3 = 150 cals.
Baby back ribs
1 = 170 cals.

Post-Game Analysis: Not only do you get to eat more for a similar number of calories, wings are lower in sat. fat (2 g vs. 4 g).

Extra Points: Skip the blue-cheese sauce for an even skinnier treat.

Pictured Recipe: Tortilla Chips

Tortilla Chips vs. Potato Chips

Tortilla chips
1 oz. = 140 cals.
Potato chips
1 oz. = 150 cals.

Post-Game Analysis: Tortilla chips narrowly claim victory with less sodium (80 mg vs. 180 mg). Check nutrition facts, since brands can vary.

Extra Points: Get either contender in the baked variety and save 20-40 calories.

Pictured Recipe: Skinny Guacamole

Guacamole vs. Black Bean Dip

¼ cup = 85 cals
Black Bean Dip
¼ cup = 60 cals.

Post-Game Analysis: Both players are good choices: the guacamole has healthy fats and 3 g of fiber; the black bean dip has 2 g of fiber and 4 g of protein, which may help you feel full.

Extra Points: Make it yourself. Nutrition can vary widely by brands, as some add lots of extra salt and full-fat sour cream.

Mixed Nuts

Mixed Nuts vs. Pretzels

Mixed Nuts
1 oz. = 168 cals.
1 oz. = 110 cal.

Post-Game Analysis:

Extra Points: Go for unsalted, dry-roasted nuts.

Nuts might have more calories (168 vs. 110) and sat. fat (2 g vs. 0 g), but they're also chock-full of healthy fats, vitamins and minerals.


Beer vs. Cola

16 oz. = 140-160 cals.
16 oz. = 142 cals.

Post-Game Analysis: Close in calories, beer wins for having no sugar (vs. regular cola's 37 g) and some health benefits in moderate amounts (one drink for women; two for men).

Extra Points: Reach for light beer, which will save you at least 45 calories per serving.