We spend *a lot* of time scouring our local TJ's for new and healthy products—here are our top picks for the year.
Trader Joe's storefront
Credit: Melissa Renwick / Getty Images

We spend a lot of time writing about Trader Joe’s, shopping at Trader Joe’s and of course, cooking with our favorite products from Trader Joe’s, so we figured it was only right to end the year with a round-up of the grocer’s best new (and healthy) products of 2019. From sweet treats to seasonings, here are our top picks for Trader Joe’s best new products this year:

1. Oven-Baked Cheese Bites with Black Summer Truffle

These cravable cheese crisps are brand-new to stores this month—and likely will be a seasonal product, so stock up ASAP. One of our staffers spotted them last week when shopping for her holiday party, and all of her guests became obsessed with the salty, truffle-y snack. You’ve been warned—these babies are addicting. 

2. Sparkling Watermelon Juice

What’s better than a sparkling beverage and juicy watermelon in the summertime? A sparkling beverage made with juicy watermelon! This 60-calorie beverage contains no added sugars, packs 2 grams of fiber and 15% of your daily potassium needs and is super delicious. We’ll be using it all summer long in 2020 for easy sipping and cocktail mixing. 

3. Vegan Ranch Dip

We were just as surprised as you may be to discover that a premade, plant-based ranch dip made this list but here it is. We loved that this dip stayed true to the creamy dill-y deliciousness we all know and love about traditional ranch, while still maintaining a pretty clean ingredients list. 

4. Bloody Mary Salsa

Salsa is something many of us love to purchase at farmers’ markets or make ourselves in the summer time with the season’s best bounty. But we also add Trader Joe’s new Bloody Mary Salsa to our carts every trip for an easy and delicious ready-made option. We all loved how this salsa was tangy, spicy and refreshing all at the same time. 

5. Coconut Cold Brew Lattes

Man, oh man, were these little lattes good. And at just $1.99, they were a much less expensive way to enjoy our iced coffee habit without having to make it ourselves.  Trader Joe’s has really been stepping up their vegan product game in 2019!

6. Gochujang Chop Salad Kit

This salad kit has become one of our staffer’s go-tos for easy entertaining and a great meal-prep shortcut. This Korean-style salad kit comes with a delicious Gochujang vinaigrette that we only wish was bottled up for individual purchase, too. Now you have no excuse to not eat salad with your meal at least once this week—and with this easy kit, you’ll likely want to eat it even more. 

7. Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Cups

We’re suckers for anything that combines dark chocolate and nut butter. These Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Cups are so satisfying, you really can stick to the serving size and be plenty content. They also make a great last-minute stocking stuffer!

8. Sprouted Wheat Sourdough

Ever wanted the tanginess of sourdough with the impressive nutrition profile of sprouted wheat bread? Well, now you’ve got it with this delicious mash-up from TJ’s. This bread is a great way to amp up the protein content in your favorite veggie sandwich and is delicious enough to enjoy on its own. 

9. Amba Mango Sauce

Our nutrition editor wrote a love letter to this sauce when it came out earlier this year, and it’s still a hit with us. Fermented mango sauce may sound a little scary, but if you know how to use it, this sauce makes tacos and curries even more delectable, adding a hint of heat and sweetness. 

10. Mushroom & Company Multipurpose Umami Seasoning Blend

Can you believe it has been less than a year since this delicious seasoning came into our lives?

While Trader Joe’s Everything But the Bagel Seasoning is likely their most popular seasoning blend, this likely comes in a close second. Whether you’re looking to make some delicious vegan food or just add a more complex flavor to a bowl of ramen, this seasoning works well with so many different cuisines and recipes.