We put together this simple yet elegant app together in mere minutes for easy entertaining this holiday season.
candy cane beet and goat cheese board

Christmas is just around the corner, and your extended family and friends may already be rolling into town to celebrate the holidays with your household. You may have been a little preoccupied trying to find each of them the perfect gift, getting the house in order and planning a delicious holiday menu only to remember they will probably be hungry before then! And we all know there's nothing like a cheese board to please a crowd.

We were inspired by one of our favorite Instagram accounts, @TheBakerMama, and her absolutely adorable charcuterie boards, apps, desserts and more to make a cheese board similar to the viral appetizer of hers we shared earlier this month. Enter our Candy Cane Beet & Goat Cheese Board for ensuring happy bellies within minutes of assembly.

All you need is goat cheese, cooked beets (you can buy them pre-sliced, if desired), candied pecans, honey and whole-grain bread slices for serving. You can even make your own candied pecans, swapping them out for walnuts here, which would make a great treat to keep on hand throughout the long weekend.

We arranged the sliced beets in a candy cane shape, then topped with our crumbled goat cheese, chopped pecans and honey and served with some sliced whole-grain bread rounds. It's so easy, you have no excuse not to make this delicious app for the holidays!