Have you been drinking the right type of coffee for your sign? Read this fun horoscope to find out!
coffee cup
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The majority of Americans (64% ) drink at least a cup of coffee daily, according to a survey conducted by the National Coffee Association. That's the most java we've drunk as a nation in six years. All that to say, people *love* their coffee, and usually have strong opinions about it. But have you considered the type of coffee drink you should be ordering based on your zodiac sign? Here's what Kim Green, an astrologer in Valdosta, Georgia, says about each sign (and what type of coffee they should be drinking).


Your drink: Nitro cold brew

Green says, "Aries can be impulsive, and they're full of energy and creativity." Green says you're a cardinal fire sign, which makes you a natural-born leader. To keep your energy steady and strong all day, start the morning off with a nitro cold brew—it has plenty of caffeine to keep you fueled, and no added sugar (read: no mid-day crashes). Plus, it's bold and strong just like you.


Cup of Joe

Your drink: Coffee with cream and sugar

Green says, "As a Taurus, you're all about comfort." Green says your sign is ruled by the planet Venus, so you like to yourself some love with the finer things in life. You're the type to buy coffee beans from your favorite local shop, so you can have the same top-notch cup every day at home. She adds, "You're fixed earth sign, so you like what you like and probably stick to a daily routine." Jazz up your java with some cream and sugar for a drink that's as indulgent and sweet as you are. (Here's how to make the most delicious cup at home!)


Your drink: Doppio with whipped cream

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, so they're very into communication and relationships. As a Gemini, Green says you'd probably "like to share a conversation over a cup of coffee." A doppio (or double shot) with whipped cream is a traditional coffeehouse drink, and it perfectly represents the duality of your personality with bitter espresso and sweet whipped cream.


Your drink: Vanilla latte

Green says, "Cancer rules the home, hearth and mother. Cancer also rules the stomach, so anything that's filling and comforting is going to be for them." Curl up with a book, a fuzzy blanket and a vanilla latte to reach peak coziness (aka what you love the most).



"Leo rules the heart, creativity and all things showy. They're the movie stars of the zodiac, so they'll want the fanciest coffee," says Green. In true Leo fashion, you should opt for the latest and greatest coffeehouse drink (think: whipped cream, sprinkles and seasonal flavors)—just enjoy it in moderation or modify it to fit your diet, as these drinks are often loaded with added sugar and saturated fat.


Your drink: Fair Trade-certified coffee

Green says, "Virgos want everything 'just so' and would want to stick to their daily routine." As a Virgo, you're also concerned with the health and well-being of yourself and the planet, so you would probably opt for brewing a Fair Trade-certified coffee at home—and take it to work in your reusable travel mug. (We know you have one, Virgo!)


Your drink: Cafe au lait

"Libras want everything refined and pretty, since they're ruled by the planet Venus," Green says. Not to mention, a balanced coffee drink is important (after all, Libra's symbol is the scales!). Opt for a cafe au lait for the perfect ratio of strong coffee and warm milk. Bonus points if you drink it in a cute bistro and take a perfect Instagram photo.


Your drink: A shot of espresso

Green says, "Scorpios are very deep, so they might like something dark and complex." A well-poured espresso shot fits that bill perfectly, and gets straight to the point (no chaser)—just like you, Scorpio!


Your drink: Single-origin coffee

"Sagittarius is all about higher learning and is concerned with the community at large," Green says. She also adds that Saggittarians like to travel, so you may appreciate a foreign, single-origin coffee—especially if it gives back to a charity organization like The Rainforest Alliance.


cold brew coffee

Your drink: Cold Brew Coffee

Green says, "Capricorns are hard workers and leaders. They have no time for frivolity and don't like to waste time." That's why we think you should go with a glass of cold brew. It's delicious, but doesn't require any prep or fuss. Plus, it'll fuel you for an all-day work session.


Your drink: Chai with a shot of espresso

Aquarius, we couldn't just give you *any* boring coffee! Green says you're "considered the alien of the zodiac," but that's not a bad thing! You just march to the beat of your own drum—that's why we chose a dirty chai for your sign. It's made with chai, steamed milk and a shot of espresso for a drink that's as unique as you are. (Want to make it at home? Try our chai recipe and simply add a shot of espresso.)


Your drink: Coffee frappe

Pisces are "floaty, mystical and full of mystery," according to Green. She adds that they're also artistic, and often spiritual, dreamers. A black cup of coffee wasn't going to cut it for Pisces, so we chose a coffee frappe for your sign. It's sweet and crowd-pleasing—just like you!