Well, there goes my money.
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dog on a shag rug dog bed - puprug
Credit: amazon

I'm obsessed with my dog, Grits. He's a five-year-old American Eskimo Dog who is my baby (I don't have kids yet). He even has an Instagram account. I know you're *dying* to see a picture of him, so here ya go!

Grits is a spirited little guy, and has such an independent streak. Much like a cat, he'll decide when he wants you to pet him and when he wants to cuddle up alone.

Here's the thing: I've bought a few dog beds for Grits over the years, but neither of us really like them. He doesn't like them because they don't feel like a human bed (I told you this dog is spoiled), and I don't like them because they're usually ugly and clash with my decor.

I recently saw some ads on social media for Pup Rug, a company that sells orthopedic dog beds that look like rugs. They come in so many cute prints and fabrics, from fluffy white flokati to glamorous animal prints. The beds also come in multiple sizes, so whether you have a Chihuahua or Great Dane, you can find the right fit for your pup. I also love that the faux-fur cover is removable and washable—a must-have for dog parents! Seriously, how cute are these?!

faux-hide dog bed
Credit: amazon

Full disclosure: I haven't bought one of these beds yet, but I've been eyeing them for months and I think I'm going to finally pull the trigger on the fluffy white one. The company offers a 10-year guarantee against flattening, and I love that the fur looks real, but it's not!

Plus, it will serve three (very cool) purposes—to look cute next to my bed, warm up my cold feet in the morning and act as a comfy spot for Grits when he gets sick of sleeping with me and my husband (which inevitably happens every night). And if it gives my baby Grits a better night's sleep, that's just an added bonus.

Buy now: Large pup rug, $199 and small/medium pup rug, $119, both on Amazon