I love mine so much that I just bought another one as a gift.
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smartphone-controlled mug
Credit: courtesy of amazon

I used to work in the coffee industry, so I can be a little picky about the way my cup of joe tastes. I love treating myself to a high-quality cup of coffee or frothy latte from my favorite coffee shop on my way to work, but let's be real, even doing that a few times a week can get pretty pricey. So, in an effort to cut back on spending, I've been trying to make my coffee at home most mornings.

While my home brew tastes fine, I've been having a hard time keeping my drink piping hot until I get to work. I like to savor my coffee and drink it slowly, so it often went cold before I could really enjoy it...which resulted in more waste and money down the drain. Womp womp.

So I was really excited when Ember sent me a mug to try. Essentially, the mug heats your drink to a custom temperature by using a bluetooth-controlled app on your smartphone. You can set your own temps for tea, coffee, lattes and more. There's a little bit of a learning curve while you get your phone to sync to your mug, but it only took a few minutes. After that, everything was super intuitive and can be controlled from your phone. Needless to say, I'm hooked.

My coffee stays hot for hours, and the battery life is surprisingly good (mine usually lasts through my second cup each day before I have to put it back on its charging base). I just gave my mom one of these bad boys for Christmas and she's already as obsessed as I am.

The best part? Ember makes both a mug (perfect for keeping at home) and a tumbler (which is ideal for commuting or traveling).

The Ember mug is $100 and the Ember tumbler is $180 on Amazon. These are definitely both an investment, but it's worth it for people who like their coffee or tea a certain temperature, or for those who can justify the price since they're not spending money on lattes at the coffee shop every day.