While I'm far from being a sommelier, Aldo Sohm's Wine Simple has boosted my wine knowledge and confidence.
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Truth time: I love wine and can appreciate a good glass when I drink it, but a few weeks ago I couldn't tell you why I enjoyed it. I didn't know which wine regions I favored, or why people swirled their wine glass (other than to *pretend* like they knew what they were doing).

I enjoyed drinking wine with friends, and I had a few standby bottles that were well-liked when I broke them out at book club, but that's about as adventurous as my wine tasting went (which was a real bummer, because I love trying new things!)

That's why I was excited when Aldo Sohm—sommelier, winemaker, restaurant owner and 2008's "Best Sommelier in the World"—came out with a book called Wine Simple. I heard that the book was really digestible and decidedly un-stuffy—perfect for someone (like me) who wanted to learn more about wine, but wasn't sure where to start. So, I picked up the book and got to reading.

After a few weeks of studying (and drinking new wines), I can officially say I'm obsessed. I love that the book is broken into sections going over winemaking styles, growing regions (and how they affect a wine's taste), how a wine's aroma translates to flavor and more. While I'm far from a sommelier, I feel so much more confident picking out a bottle as a gift or ordering a new type of wine at restaurants. Oh, and it turns out I'm really into mineral-forward sauvignon blancs. Who knew?!

I wouldn't necessarily recommend this book to someone who's a sommelier or a seasoned wine collector, but I think it's perfect for home cooks looking for tips on how to pair wine with food or those looking to dip their toes into the wine world.

It's written in an educational—but fun—way, and it empowers you to make your own informed decisions. I love that Sohm doesn't make you feel like your wine preferences are crappy just because you don't like the same things as him (or anyone else).

In fact, his approach is quite the opposite; it's curious and playful. Sohm encourages you to try new wines, develop your personal preferences and share wine with others—all things I can definitely get behind.

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