We're channeling our inner Barefoot Contessa this holiday season with her simple yet stunning cocktail recipe.
Ina Garten pouring a cocktail
Credit: NBCUniversal/Getty Images

Ina Garten has the whole "simply elegant" thing nailed down, and I'm really trying to channel that this holiday season while hosting family and friends. While I don't always have the time or ingredients she does to make some stunning dishes (I only wish I had the time—and stamina—to mince 40 cloves of garlic for this recipe), I know I can always rely on her cocktail recipes to be easy and crowd-pleasing.

Yesterday, Garten took to Instagram to share her favorite holiday cocktail with her fans. Naturally, it was a beautiful and festive Sidecar with boozy dried cherries—and she shared the recipe on her website, so we can all drink like Ina this holiday season.

This recipe has just six ingredients (plus ice) and takes only a few minutes to make. And we think we'll find plenty of other uses for her Cognac-soaked dried cherries outside of this drink! Yum.

The only downside? The amount of sugar in these drinks holds the daily recommended limit for added sugars in one glass! Womp womp.

It may be worth reducing the sugar in Ina's recipe if you're planning on enjoying some other holiday sweets in the same day—or just stick to one of these sweet cocktails and savor it ('tis the season!).

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