Trader Joe's has some incredible stocking stuffer options to bring home this holiday season.

I love buying presents for people—it's truly one of my favorite parts of the holiday season. I worked at a home and gifts shop in college where I learned how to wrap presents and make bows like a pro, and there's nothing more fun than watching a loved one admiring the wrapping only to find something even more special and personal beneath. The only problem is—I always forget about stockings.

Stocking stuffers are so fun, and especially now that everyone in my family is a bit older we can get more creative with them. My dad loves finding cheeky knickknacks, while my sister always comes across the perfect piece of dainty jewelry. I'm usually the one snagging the last bag of Reese's Trees on the way to Christmas morning—but not this year!

Trader Joe's storefront
Credit: SOPA Images / Getty Images

While I'm stocking up for my holiday party, I'm also picking up some of the best stocking stuffers in town at my local Trader Joe's. Here are my top picks under $10:

1. Macaron Soap Set

This adorable soap set is shaped like three pastel-colored macarons. Each scent is different, offering Lavender Honey, Raspberry and Mint soaps for just $4.99.

2. Peppermint Hot Chocolate Tin

Not only does this tin look pretty, but it slides perfectly into a stocking. Plus, it smells amazing. At just $4.99 a piece, the whole family deserves a tin of their own.

3. Grapefruit & Lemon Hand Sanitizer Spray

Not only are these sprays perfect for you clean-freak family members, they are a very thoughtful gift for anyone this cold and flu season. And with a price point of just $1.99, I think my co-workers will be getting some, too.

4. Cookie Mixes

For just $7.99, you can get three delicious-sounding cookie mixes—Toffee Oat, Cinnadoodle and Triple Chocolate. I don't know about you, but I'm really glad they don't make you choose here. It also makes for a fun family activity.

5. Gingerbread Candle

In case you didn't know, Trader Joe's has some pretty amazing candles. (Their Mango-Tangerine one is basically a Capri Blue Volcano dupe at a fraction of the price.) I love this sweet and spicy Gingerbread variety made with soy wax, and it's festive enough to burn through the next few months of winter. You can find one for $3.99.

6. Body Butter Trio

This body butter trio is perfect for the world traveler in your family, as each body butter fits within TSA guidelines. With scents like Almond Honey, Lemon Verbena and Frosted Berry, they will want to bring all of them! You can find this trio for $7.99.

7. Dark Chocolate Orange

A nod to our friends across the pond, this orange-shaped chocolate is a fun treat to open on Christmas morning. This goody has 20 break-apart orange-flavored dark chocolate segments, and is reminiscent of a popular British chocolate orange treat. You can find them at your local TJ's for $2.99.

8. Grapefruit Ginger Sugar Scrub

I can personally attest to this product working wonders in the colder winter months, when dry skin seems to become a chronic condition for a season. This sugar scrub is super invigorating and offers an energizing smell to help you get out of the warm shower on a chilly day. You can find an 8-ounce bottle for $5.99.

9. 19 Crimes The Uprising Red Wine

This is for someone over 21 who has been extra-good this year—and yes, it fits in most stockings! We are a big fan of this $9.99 variety, as it is full of flavor and low in price. Plus, if you get the 19 Crimes app, you'll learn all about the crime depicted on your bottle. It's pretty cool.

10. Shea Butter & Coconut Oil Hair Mask

Just like our skin, our hair needs a little extra love this time of year—and a great way to do that is with a moisturizing hair mask. This is the perfect gift for anyone in your family who loves to be outside year-round and likes to take care of their mane. Bottles of this hair mask are just $3.99.

11. Champagne Gummies

These gummies only look boozy—so they are fun for the whole family! These bottle-shaped goodies come in rose and brut flavors and look super cute in a candy jar. You can find a bag for just $1.99.

12. Ginger Ultra-Moisturizing Hand Cream

This is one of Trader Joe's newest bath and body products, and we are already big fans! TJ's hand cream is such a great deal, and ginger is a nice unisex scent for anyone looking to ward off dry skin. You can get a pretty 8-ounce tube for $5.99.