These yogurt containers will change the way you drink, snack and meal prep.
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Oui Yogurt
Credit: Yoplait

I was in Brooklyn last weekend, where I stumbled upon the most adorable wine glasses at a friend's house. I had to know where I could pick some up for myself, but I assumed they were probably from an obscure shop down the street, a trendy new online brand or local glassblower—I was in Brooklyn, after all. Little did I know, these precious wine glasses could easily be mine without joining a waiting list or pay a premium for shipping. They could be purchased at my local supermarket.

As it turns out, the party host just happened to be a big fan of those Oui by Yoplait yogurts you find in glass jars, and he repurposes them into wine and juice glasses for entertaining. They each hold five ounces of wine, so they are perfectly portioned for keeping your drinking in check. Plus, they only cost around $2 for a tasty yogurt and a new glass.

Serendipitously, a few days after I left New York, I received a shipment of Oui by Yoplait's new dairy-free yogurt line. I told our staff about the "yogurt-container-wine-glasses" guy and collected most of the jars when people finished trying them (we're obsessed with the mango flavor, by the way). After cleaning the jars out, I found the labels easy to peel off and after a quick run through the dishwasher they were ready for my holiday party!

Now if you're not a big wine or cocktail drinker—no worries! These yogurt jars are also ideal for holding little plants, storing homemade sauces and jams, displaying your favorite flaky salt and prepping other ingredients for the week. They are also a great way to portion snacks and sweet treats. Amazon even sells special lids to fit these Oui yogurt containers, so the possibilities are truly endless.

Start stocking up on these delicious, creamy yogurts, and you'll have a stellar wine collection in no time! I can't wait to serve up one of my favorite red wines in these babies for my party this weekend. Cheers to a very merry and sustainable holiday!