These items require minimal effort and help out-of-town guests feel welcome.
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box of croissants and white sheets with the word "Obsessed"

The holidays are a crazy time—between hosting parties, baking seasonal treats and decorating your home, it can be hard to feel like you have two feet on the ground. Adding to the holiday stress (and fun!), it's often the time of year when out-of-town guests come to visit. Whether you're hosting your parents, kids or friends, there are a few things you can do to make their stay more relaxing and enjoyable.

While I'm hardly a millennial Martha Stewart, I have a few things I always like to keep on-hand for when guests come. My parents will be joining us for the holidays, so I'll be stocking up on these six things before they arrive. The best part? You probably already have most of these items at home.

Fresh Flowers

fresh flowers

I love picking up a bunch of white hydrangeas or fresh eucalyptus (which I waxed poetic about here) and putting them in a small vase or mason jar on the bedside table in our guest room. They're an inexpensive way to make the room feel fresh and put-together, plus they make the room smell great.

Trader Joe's Chocolate Croissants

These chocolate-stuffed croissants are an easy way to get breakfast on the table, and they feel special enough for company.  A package of four croissants costs less than $5. Defrost and let them proof overnight, then bake for about 20 minutes in the morning. I like to serve 'em with a fruit salad and an egg casserole (both of which can be made the night before), but they'd be equally delicious with just a hot cup of coffee.

Fresh Sheets

bamboo sheet set

One of the best parts of staying at a nice hotel on vacation is the super-soft bedding. Make your guest room an oasis with some breathable bamboo bedding. I love this set from Rove Concepts because it feels silky-smooth, but you can still cuddle up in them (plus, white bedding means they're easy to wash when guests leave!).

Bedside Carafe

Guests—especially if it's their first time visiting your home—may feel awkward tiptoeing to the kitchen for a late-night glass of water. Fill a carafe on their bedside table with fresh water to eliminate this issue and keep them well hydrated. (I love this one from Amazon because it's under $20 and comes with a little drinking glass.)

Self-Serve Coffee

I'm not a nice person before my morning cup of coffee, and I don't want my guests to feel cranky either. I have a Nespresso machine, so before guests come I'll leave out pods, fill up the water tank and leave a post-it note saying "help yourself." If you have a drip brewer or French press, fill it up and leave coffee grounds in an airtight container next to your machine (let's be honest: whole bean tastes best, but your guests aren't going to want to grind coffee if they wake up earlier than you).

Snack Dinner and Wine

crudite vegetable wreath with ranch dip

The holidays are busy, so there are plenty of in-between times where you need something light to hold you over until the next meal. Enter the snack dinner. It's perfect for accommodating all dietary restrictions, and you can use up whatever you have in your fridge. I love to keep things like hummus, cucumbers, carrots, crackers, cheese and cured meat for an easy, throw-together meal. Add a glass of wine, and it suddenly feels special.