6 Products That (Actually) Help My Dry Winter Skin

Banish chapped lips and dry winter skin for good!

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This is Obsessed: my weekly column devoted to sharing all the things I'm loving right now—from unique food and gift ideas to travel destinations and beauty products—plus some tips and tricks for living your best life.

I have dry skin—especially in the wintertime, when humidity and temps are at an all-time low. I'm the queen of slathering on creams, balms and masks—so I wanted to share my favorite products (just in case you have this issue too!).

First, I have a few requirements for a product to meet my approval:

  1. It has to smell great (or have no scent at all). I have a really strong sense of smell, so anything that smells funky or competes with my perfume is a no-go for me.
  2. It has to be long-lasting and effective. I want to apply the product once and feel great for hours.
  3. It has to be easy to use. I'm all about the 10-minute morning routine, so any products that multitask are an A+ in my book.

Cosmedix Rescue Mask

This is my holy grail, desert-island product. It's technically a "mask," but I put it on my face before bed or right when I wake up in the morning (I let it sink in before applying my makeup). It's worth mentioning that this is *much* heavier than a lotion; it feels like less-greasy vaseline (read: it's very thick), but it absorbs quickly and gives you a lit-from-within glow. The best part is that it combats my dry, cracked or chapped skin in, like, one use. I know that's a bold claim, but that's been my experience every time I use it. It has shea butter and aloe for soothing and moisturizing skin, while cherry bark extract and willowherb extract help calm skin and reduce redness. It's a bit pricey, but a little (think: dime-size amount) goes a long way.

Buy it now: $59 for 1.7 ounces, Dermstore

Korres Greek Yoghurt Mask

One of the most annoying parts of dry, winter skin is that it often feels dull and your texture feels uneven. This probiotic yogurt mask is super cooling, hydrating and soothing. I'm not a big fan of long-wearing masks, so I love that this one washes off in just 10 minutes (and I can notice a difference almost instantly).

Buy it now: $49, Sephora


Sorry I know this technically isn't a "product," but drinking lots of water—even when it's cold outside—helps your skin retain moisture. I find that keeping a really big water bottle (like this one from Hydroflask that holds 32 ounces of H2O) helps me remember to drink throughout the day. I also like this water bottle, because I can keep hot liquids—like tea or coffee, which also count towards your water goal—in it, and they'll stay warm for hours.

Neutrogena Body Oil

I grew up in South Florida (where 70°F is considered cold), and quickly learned during my first December living in Alabama that my skin and winter did not get along. I found this body oil in a drugstore nine years ago and have been using it ever since. You only need a little bit, and it feels really luxurious right after a shower. The moisturizing oil sinks right in and feels lightweight. Plus, it smells absolutely amazing.

Buy it now: $10 for a 16-ounce bottle, Amazon

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

Do yourself a favor, and stuff this in your own stocking this year. It's the best lip balm I've ever tried (and that's coming from a woman who has four rolling around in the bottom of her purse right now). I put it on before bed and again in the morning, and it keeps my normally-chapped lips soft and supple all winter long. I know $20 seems a little steep for lip balm, but this lasted me for a few months and was worth every penny.

Buy it now: $20 for a .7-ounce jar, Amazon

Rose Geranium Facial Moisturizer

This 100% organic moisturizer uses a blend of rose hip, camellia and sea buckthorn oils to banish flaky, rough winter skin. I love how it keeps my skin super dewy and moisturized all day—without clogging pores or feeling heavy on my skin. Bonus: it smells fantastic, thanks to the deliciously fragrant essential oils.

Buy now: $49 for a 2-ounce jar, HollyBeth Organics

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