FMT Outfitters offers a "No Reservations" Philly Food Tour, modeled after Bourdain's excursions on the namesake TV show.

Philadelphia was just named "The best city to visit in 2020" by National Geographic, so it's time to pack your bags! And what better way for food lovers like us to see Philly than through the eyes of the beloved Anthony Bourdain? While he may no longer be physically present to guide our taste buds through the City of Brotherly Love, a local outdoor adventure service offers a "No Reservations" Philly Food Tour, inspired by the award-winning show hosted by Bourdain for seven years, through AirBnB Experiences.

Anthony Bourdain
Credit: Owen Hoffman/Getty Images

Though the tour isn't officially affiliated with Anthony Bourdain, FMT Outfitters uses the "No Reservations" template to educate visitors on the culture, arts and history of one of America's founding cities and visit some of Bourdain's favorite South Philly haunts from the show. The tour begins with a brief showcase of Philadelpha's world-renowned street artists, muralists and mosaics, followed by a private charcuterie tasting at an iconic cheese shop in the Italian Market.

The highly rated tour also takes a stop in Philadelphia's Little Mexico for authentic Pueblo Mexican fare before taking a "surprise stop at a beloved South Philly staple." The tour concludes by letting you sample some of Philly's best Italian pastries. Needless to say, come hungry!

The "No Reservations" Food Tour is available for booking on certain weekdays and most weekends and is advertised as being family-friendly. It also seems like a fun option for solo travelers. The tour accommodates up to 10 people, so be sure to book quickly if you have a big group!

"One of the best food tours I've ever been on," one AirBnB Experiences reviewer wrote. "He greeted us with a piping hot pie from a locally famous Italian restaurant and gave us a great intro to Philly culture and cuisine. We ended the tour learning life lessons from a local legend in the Italian district; absolutely felt we channeled the late and great Anthony Bourdain in both food and culture."

Prices for this tour start at $52 per person during the week and $65 on weekends. Everything you eat that day is included in your ticket, and alcohol will be available for purchase throughout the day.