Hallmark Christmas Movie Bingo is the perfect accent for all your holiday viewing parties.

It seems like everyone's secret Hallmark Christmas movie-watching habit is now socially acceptable, and we are here for it. There are tons of new movies coming out for the holidays, and Hallmark actually has a Christmas Movie Bingo game to make watch parties with your friends or family even more festive.

Hallmark Christmas Movie Bingo
Credit: EatingWell / Hallmark

Hallmark Christmas Movie Bingo makes watching your favorite cheesy Christmas flicks even more fun by bringing in some competition. Every time you spot some mistletoe or a soon-to-be couple enjoying a romantic carriage ride, for example, you're one step closer to a holiday bingo. Make the stakes high with Christmas cookies, wine or whatever prize feels worthy of a winning a Hallmark movie bingo game.


Recipe pictured above: Slow-Cooker Hot Chocolate

A Hallmark movie watch party wouldn't be complete without some festive drinks and treats, and we have the perfect recommendations for you. Our Red-Wine Hot Chocolate is a fun way to spice up girls' night, while our Slow-Cooker Hot Chocolate is a family favorite if you're looking for something sans booze.

Whether you're looking for thumbprint cookies or mini gingerbread houses, we've got just the goodies for you to whip up with your loved ones. Making time to actually enjoy the holiday season can be tough as we get older, but making some time for a Hallmark movie, some festive goodies and a few of your favorite people, is good for the soul. Happy holidays!