The coffee company revealed this year's holiday beverages and cups on Wednesday.
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Starbucks reusable holiday cups 2019
Credit: Starbucks

PSL season has come and gone, and now it's time for all the peppermint, caramel and white chocolate flavors of the holiday season. Starbucks just revealed their holiday beverages and array of cups—along with another exciting announcement. When customers purchase a holiday beverage tomorrow, they'll receive a free reusable holiday cup. Just make sure to hurry over to Starbucks—the free cup promo is only going on tomorrow, and it's only until supplies last.

Merry Coffee Starbucks Cup
Credit: Twitter / Starbucks

As if things couldn't get any merrier, those who receive one of these limited-edition cups will be able to get 50 cents off any grande holiday beverage after 2 p.m. until January 6th. We don't know about you, but we're seeing a very early Starbucks run in tomorrow's plans.

One more reason this cup makes life merry and bright is that it's sustainable and can be used for years, instead of thrown away after one use. Even if you don't snag a reusable coffee cup at Starbucks tomorrow, it's worth purchasing one on your own to create a greener, more sustainable and happier future for our planet. Especially when it's related to a daily ritual, like drinking coffee, a little can go a long way!

Ano Reusable Coffee Cup
Credit: amazon