8 Thanksgiving Essentials Coming to Aldi in November

We're looking to Aldi for an easier (and budget-friendly) Turkey Day that's still full of fun and flavor.

The end of October is rapidly approaching, which means Thanksgiving will be here before we know it. But there's no need to start stressing about hosting this holiday feast for your family—Aldi is here to help with some amazing new products and limited-edition finds coming to stores next month.

3 Thanksgiving Products from Aldi
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From cute stemless wine glasses to organic turkeys on a budget, you'll find everything you need for a successful November 28th at your local Aldi store this year. Be sure to add these eight items to your Turkey Day grocery list:

Specially Selected Brussels Sprouts with Bacon and Balsamic


Come November 6, we will have a new favorite frozen side dish—Brussels sprouts with balsamic-glazed bacon. Yum! This heat-and-eat side is an easy way to cut a corner on Thanksgiving Day without sacrificing flavor. And at just 110 calories for a ¾ cup serving, this side will help lighten up your plate a bit. A 10-ounce box will cost $3.99.

Simply Nature Organic Evaporated Milk


We don't always break out the evaporated milk, but when we do, it's for some crowd-pleasing holiday baking. This option from one of our favorite Aldi lines, Simply Nature, is an organic option and boosted with vitamin D to help keep your intake up during this chilly season. You'll be able to find this product starting November 13 for $2.49.

Priano Thanksgiving Raviolis


We're really intrigued by these new ravioli options coming to Aldi November 6. Choose from Turkey Cranberry or Bourbon Sweet Potato for a unique spin on our favorite Turkey Day dishes. And at just 200-220 calories per cup, they aren't as heavy-hitting on the calories as they'd seem. They'll be available for $2.99 per nine-ounce package starting November 6.

Simply Nature Organic Turkey


We are so pumped for Aldi to bring organic turkey to our table for just $3.49 a pound! Starting November 20, you'll be able to snag a bird for yourself. The best part is, they're inexpensive enough so you can buy one to practice on! Try it out with our simple and satisfying Traditional Herbed Roast Turkey recipe.

Ambiano Buffet Server with Warming Tray

Aldi Warming Chafing Dish

It's easy to forget that Aldi is so much more than a food retailer—they have some seriously awesome products for your home as well. We can't wait to get our hands on one of these warming trays that hold up to four different items come Turkey Day. And let's face it, Thanksgiving should actually be nicknamed "Sides Day," so it's important to keep them nice and warm for your dinner guests. You can pick one up for just $29.99 starting November 13.

Giotti Prosecco Extra Dry


This three-liter bottle of sparkling wine is just what your holiday family gathering needs. This extra-dry prosecco is perfect for enjoying with a slice of pumpkin, pecan or apple pie and will be available for $49.99 on November 27—the day before Thanksgiving—just in time for your last-minute grocery run.

Park Street Deli Cranberry Sauce and Relish


We love Aldi's Park Street Deli brand and can't wait to utilize it for some of our Thanksgiving prep. This year, they are offering a cranberry sauce and cranberry-orange relish because, let's face it, you probably want to spend your time on the stars of the show, like mashed potatoes or green bean casserole. These will be available for $3.39 for a 16-ounce container starting November 13.

Crofton Holiday Stemless Wine Glasses

Aldi stemless wine glasses with "Gather" printed on them

How cute are these lettered wine glasses? Good work, Aldi! These glasses are the perfect option for those of us who want to make the holiday fun (without wrecking our precious wine glasses). You can pick up a pair of these for just $3.99, starting November 13. They would also make a great Friendsgiving gift!

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