Jennifer Lopez definitely approaches fitness with the "work hard, play hard" mindset.

Is it just me, or is Jennifer Lopez aging in reverse? The triple-threat turned 50 this year and looks just as good as she did when was just Jenny From the Block. I mean, have you seen her in that green Versace dress? Iconic.

Lopez will be the first to admit it takes hard work—eating healthy, doing intense workouts four times a week and staying disciplined when she's on the road or dining out. While most of us don't have a personal trainer on either coast, there are still some relatable takeaways from J.Lo's diet and exercise regimen than we can apply to our own lives. Here are her 8 best fitness tips that keep her looking fab at 50:

She Makes the Most of the Time She Has

Jennifer Lopez's favorite trainer when she's in New York is David Kirsch, who has a host of celebrity clientele, from Kate Upton and Kerry Washington to Heidi Klum and Anne Hathaway. Kirsch told Insider that getting a fit physique doesn't require dedicating all your free time to the gym.

Jennifer Lopez in white outfit sitting on a colorful set
Credit: Alexander Tamargo / Getty Images

"The key is less is more now, truncated workouts," Kirsch said. "The two-hour workouts are gone. When Jennifer comes in we do a 30-45 minute workout."

Now, this workout is sure to be no easy feat. Lopez maximizes every minute of her workout with Kirsch, performing tough combo moves that work several muscle groups at a time so she can feel good about going hard for 30 minutes and then hopping to the next appointment on her busy schedule. Check out one of Kirsch's 30-minute J.Lo workouts, here!

She Enjoys Some Healthy Competition with Her Fiancé

You can tell from J.Lo's Instagram that she loves an intense workout, and she even "pre-games" her concerts with a hardcore sweat session before dancing for hours each night! But her fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, is a perfect match, because he takes his fitness as seriously as Lopez.

You can often find the pair taking a TriFusion workout class together in L.A. or hitting the dance floor together at their favorite nightclub in New York. A-Rod recently shared this adorable (and inspiring) video of the pair working out together at the Dallas Cowboys fitness facility. He also shared a nine-move workout they like to do together. Working out with a partner can make even the most mundane routines more fun—even when they involve sit-ups!

She Mixes Things Up

J.Lo loves doing a wide variety of workouts to keep things interesting. Whether it's learning to pole dance for her latest movie Hustlers, mastering a killer dance routine for her latest video or taking a celebrity-favorite Tracy Anderson Method class, Lopez ensures she is working all different muscles all different ways.

This is crucial, as Jillian Michaels explained to Cooking Light that doing the same workout is one of the biggest weight-loss mistakes people don't know they are making. She recommends switching up your fitness routine at least every two weeks to maximize calorie burn and make working out a more exciting part of your daily regimen.

She Prioritizes Hydration

J.Lo eats extremely clean—but she might drink even cleaner. Lopez abstains from alcohol, caffeine and sugary beverages, and water is pretty much the sole drink on her menu every day. She told Hello! Magazine that drinking plenty of water helps her get the most out of her workout and work harder.

Whether you work out pretty much every day like J.Lo or try to hit our national baseline of 150 minutes per week, hydration is important before, during and after exercise. It helps restore and repair muscles to help you grow stronger and power you through tomorrow's workout.

She Creates Healthy Rewards to Power Through a Tough Workout

J.Lo loves celebrating the end of the workout with something fun and relaxing. She also told Hello! one of her favorite things to do after a workout is spending time with her children and sharing a healthy snack. Even if she's on a super-tight schedule—like when she filmed Hustlers in less than 30 days—Lopez told Vanity Fair that she will still sneak in time for a hot bath after a grueling workout.

Creating healthy rewards after working out can be a great way to keep it part of your routine and associate it with good, happy things. Sharing a healthy snack with your kids or practicing some self-care with a hot bath like J.Lo is a great way to reward yourself.

She Prefers to Exercise in the Mornings

We all have our preferred exercise times based on schedules, climate and whether or not we're morning people, but J.Lo likes to knock out her workout first thing in the morning. According to Hollywood Life, J.Lo likes a sunrise workout because it's simply harder to get to it as the day goes on.

Keeping your workout part of your daily routine is a great way to turn fitness into a habit. Schedule your morning run or after-work Zumba class into your planner or calendar to make it that much harder to ignore and get you that much closer to achieving your fitness goals.

She Follows a Very Healthy Diet for Proper Recovery

J.Lo doesn't look as good as she does without following an extremely nutritious diet. Her eating habits consist of lots of protein, tons of fresh veggies, hearty whole grains and a daily handful of nuts.

While she is famous for participating in an insane 10-day no sugar, no carbs challenge with A-Rod, she typically consumes foods like sweet potatoes, quinoa, brown rice and oatmeal to give her the energy she needs to get through long days and tough workouts. Even dining out, she sticks to "clean eating," opting for fresh salads and fish—and you guessed it—plenty of water.

She Listens to Her Body

While Lopez isn't afraid to push herself, she does know her limits. J.Lo makes sleep and self-care top priorities in her life—she aims to get a full eight hours of sleep each night and find time for R&R in the midst of a busy schedule. Granted, that may look like a fabulous vacation on a Caribbean island after months of touring, but it also looks like taking a bath without her phone before jumping to the day's next activity.

Rest is essential for keeping our bodies functioning properly—and that includes keeping us in shape. While it may seem odd to think that getting more sleep can make us look better, good quality sleep helps to repair our muscles and keep our hunger hormones in check, which will help us maintain or reach a healthy weight.