The actress shared her newly renamed spices via Instagram yesterday.
Jennifer Garner sitting in a chair at the Tonight Show
Credit: NBC / Getty Images

If you're a parent who tries to cook several nights a week, you've likely employed your children to assist with some simple kitchen duties to help them learn to cook and appreciate healthy food. And you probably also know that things can quickly go awry when kids are left to their own devices. Our favorite actress and host of the #PretendCookingShow on Instagram, Jennifer Garner, learned this lesson in a hilarious way.

Earlier this week, Garner asked her seven-year-old son Samuel to label her spice jars for her after she dried some fresh herbs. And let's just say he took some creative liberty with the names. She also just might have a future comedian on her hands!

In classic seven-year-old fashion, Garner's son found a way to bring bathroom humor into this task, by renaming "meatball mix" with "meatbutt," parsley with "parspee" and rosemary with "rosefart." "Sage the Children" is likely a nod to a charity organization Garner works closely with —Save the Children—and "Pizza the Right Way" may be a nod to a love for his mom's home cooking. (She recently made homemade pizza on her #PretendCookingShow). And finally, thyme got to keep its traditional name, because it's pretty hard to turn that into a pun by itself.

We love getting glimpses into Garner's day-to-day life, as she is one of the more relatable celebrities out there. Be sure to keep up with her family's hijinks and latest culinary creations on Instagram for good laughs and kitchen inspiration.