Nada Moo!'s Peppermint Bark dairy-free frozen dessert had our whole office talking about its delightful minty flavor and creamy chocolate swirls.

Today seemed like any other day. Another set of functional foods to try, another group of pumpkin spice coffee creamers to sip on, another vegan ice cream to test out. But our staff quickly realized we'd struck gold with Nada Moo!'s Peppermint Bark Dairy-Free Frozen Dessert, so we invited the rest of the office to join in on the (super delicious) plant-based peppermint fun.

Whether they were vegan, lactose-intolerant or omnivorous, everyone who tried this vegan ice cream was pleasantly surprised by its richness, flavor and pretty impressive nutrition label (for a dessert). It's hard to believe this creamy ice cream with luscious swirls of chocolate could only have 10g added sugars and boast 6g fiber per two-thirds cup serving!

pint sized containers of Nada Moo Peppermint Bark Dairy-Free Frozen Dessert
Credit: Nada Moo!

Nada Moo!'s Peppermint Bark flavor hits you with just the right amount of mintiness and plenty of rich chocolate swirls to keep it feeling indulgent. One of our staffers said it best with, "It just tastes like Christmas."

According to Nada Moo!'s PR team, their Peppermint Bark flavor will be available for purchase until December 31 at The Fresh Market and select Walmart stores, along with independent grocery stores nationwide. Starting November 11, you'll be able to find this refreshing variety at Whole Foods stores nationwide. Now we need to try all 18 of Nada Moo!'s flavors—Caramel, Cold Brew & Cookies, anyone?