Popular hummus brands, like Delighted By and Boar's Head are now selling pumpkin pie varieties for the fall season in stores like Costco, Target and Publix.

It's pumpkin spice season, and we've been enjoying this fall flavor in everything from lattes to cookies. However, our new favorite pumpkin-spiced (that's definitely a term, right?) product is pretty unsuspecting. We just became huge fans of pumpkin pie dessert hummus!

We know you're probably rolling your eyes, but trust us on this. Brands like Delighted By and Boar's Head are offering seasonal varieties of their dessert hummus products, and this just might be our new favorite dip for fall parties and tailgates. It tastes rich and creamy, with the perfect spice blend you've come to love, but without leaving you feeling heavy or with a sugar rush. Don't believe us? Whether you're a Gold Costco member or a devoted Publix customer, chances are you'll be able to find out for yourself by picking up a container at a store near you.

2 containers of Pumpkin Pie Dessert Hummus
Credit: Mai Vu / Getty Images

Now what is dessert hummus, you ask? Basically, it's the same creamy chickpea blend (some brands also use white beans), with just a hint of sugar and more decadent flavors like chocolate, vanilla bean or key lime instead of a savory olive tapenade or roasted red pepper.

The pumpkin pie dessert hummuses from Delighted By and Boar's Head are both free of gluten and dairy, but still full of flavor and creaminess. A two-tablespoon serving size will only set you back between 50-60 calories, 2g fat, 5-6g sugar and 8-9g carbs, depending on the brand.

We tried pumpkin pie dessert hummus with pretzels, which made the perfect sweet-and-salty combo, but these dips would be absolutely delicious with apple slices, graham crackers and more. It makes for a lighter, ready-to-eat replacement for your favorite pumpkin dip recipe, but we're sure adding a little cream cheese would make it taste even more divine. Halloween party planning just got that much easier.