Fun fact: They aren't really pumpkins at all!

We *love* fall, and Trader Joe's is the best place to get in the spirit (don't believe us? Just check out these 21 pumpkin-flavored products that are in stores now). Whether you're team pumpkin spice, or think it's overrated, we can all agree there's something magical about this time of year. The weather is finally cooling down, the leaves are starting to change and the smell of cinnamon lingers in our kitchen all season long, thanks to recipes like pumpkin bread and apple cake. But, now there's a new reason to love fall (and Trader Joe's) that has nothing to do with food: The store is selling live branches with pumpkins on them!

Trader Joe's Pumpkin Tree
Credit: Jaime Milan

Yep, dozens of tiny, live pumpkins. On branches. To put in your flower arrangements. You may be thinking, "but don't pumpkins grow on a vine on the ground?" And you'd be right. Here's the kicker—though these "pumpkin" branches are absolutely adorable for all of your fall decorating needs, they're not actually pumpkins at all. They're actually a type of ornamental eggplant called Solanum Integrifolium, also known as pumpkin on a stick eggplant, that ripen in October. Wild, right?

These look stunning in large groups, and would be perfect arranged in tall vases on your Halloween or Thanksgiving table. And they last up to a month in a vase (just be sure to periodically change out the water!) Best part? Each bunch—which comes with about six pumpkin-studded stems—is just $6.99 from Trader Joe's. Talk about some Pinterest-worthy fall inspo.