This Advent calendar is full of omega 3-rich dog treats, so your furry friend doesn't have to miss out on the holiday fun!

If your dog is your BFF, you probably know all of the best ways to spoil them (like by making homemade dog biscuits or taking them to a dog-friendly restaurant). But there's a new—and very inexpensive—way to show some love to your four-legged friend: an Advent calendar full of dog treats!

Aldi Advent calendar for dogs
Credit: Aldi

Starting on November 6, Aldi (our favorite store for crazy-good bargains and seasonal finds) is releasing a brand-new dog treat Advent calendar for just $5.89. This adorable calendar is packed full of 25 salmon and sweet potato dog treats—one for each day leading up to Christmas—to get your pooch in the holiday spirit.

Bonus? The salmon-studded treats are touted as having a healthy dose of omega 3s, which are beneficial for your pup's health. According to the American Kennel Club's website, omega 3s "act as an anti-inflammatory in conditions like allergies, arthritis and other inflammatory diseases; improve skin and coat health, joint health and energy; aid in cognitive development in puppies and may improve cognitive function in older dogs." All of that from a little treat? Sign us (and our pups) up!

Aldi's dog Advent calendars hit stores on November 6, and we're betting they'll fly off the shelves quickly. Check your local store to score one for your furry friend before the holiday season approaches!