It's the PERFECT fall color.
New Truffle (brown) colored Le Creuset
Credit: Le Creuset

Here at EatingWell, we're huge Le Creuset fans. Their high-quality cookware makes for the perfect addition to any home cook's kitchen since it has a multitude of uses and lasts a lifetime. Not to mention, their extensive list of gorgeous colors makes it hard to buy just one product and call it a day. We've even suffered from buyers' remorse once the company releases an *even* better color after we've settled on our own. And not surprisingly, they're doing it again.

On October 1, Le Creuset's brand-new color, "Truffle," will be available for purchase—and we can hardly contain our excitement. As the new month rolls around, you'll want to keep your eye out for the new color on their website and online from Williams Sonoma and Bloomingdale's. The line ranges from $6-$385.

The deep earth tones of Truffle was inspired by a farm in Provence. Much like how the soil seamlessly melds into a dreamy French landscape, Le Creuset's Truffle-hued cookware will warm up your kitchen without taking away from your existing decor. Not to mention, the neutral brown color will look gorgeous all year long—especially during the upcoming holiday season.

Cooking delicious fall soups in this Truffle-colored Le Creuset pot sounds like a dream come true (not to mention, it'll look very chic on your Instagram feed!) Plus, the size is perfect for whipping up some of our favorites—like our Four-Bean Pumpkin Chili, Cream of Mushroom and Barley Soup or Roasted Cauliflower and Potato Curry Soup.

And if soup isn't your thing, you're in luck because Le Creuset is releasing the color across categories—from cast-iron skillets to stoneware. That means you can cook recipes like our Apple Puffed Oven Cake and serve up some delicious casseroles adorned in Truffle. If that doesn't welcome fall, we don't know what will.