It doesn't get much better than coffee with a cause.
Starbucks Siren's Blend in a bag
Credit: Starbucks

From their Tortoise Shell Tumbler to their Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew, Starbucks has been on their game lately with new product releases. And with the holidays just around the corner, we bet the company has a plethora of festive products up their sleeves. But in the meantime, the company is utilizing their platform to further an important social cause.

The release of their brand-new blend celebrates the women who are behind your morning cup of joe, and the company isn't stopping there.

"Just last year, The Starbucks Foundation announced a new goal to empower at least 250,000 women and families in coffee, tea and cocoa growing communities globally by 2025," according to a Starbucks spokesperson. "This builds off a long history of investment in coffee, tea and cocoa producing communities to address their most critical needs, with a recognition that an investment in women and girls leads to greater impact for families and communities as a whole."

Siren's Blend is a medium-roast blend that's perfect for everything from iced coffee to an espresso shot. The deep cocoa notes from the Latin American beans round out the vibrant citrusy flavor from the East African beans, making for a perfectly balanced cup.

"We developed Siren's Blend to be versatile—a lively coffee on the lighter side of medium roast that would shine no matter how your brewed it," says Senior Manager of Global Coffee Strategy and Development at Starbucks, Mary Mayorquin.

Dropping in the U.S. and Canada today, the prepackaged whole beans will be available year-round as part of the company's core coffees. And in select stores, customers will be able to buy a cup brewed in-house. For every cup purchased between now and September 29 (National Coffee Day), Starbucks will donate 15 cents to two organizations that empower young girls and women: Women's Coffee Alliance and Days for Girls.

And even if your local Starbucks store isn't selling cups of this coffee, you can pick up a bag of beans to support the cause. Knowing your morning cup of coffee supports hardworking women in the industry will make your cup even *more* enjoyable. Happy sipping!