This New Kombucha From Trader Joe's Tastes Like Fall in a Bottle

GT's Living in Gratitude Fall Edition Kombucha is back for the season at Trader Joe's.

GTs Fall Kombucha
Photo: GT's Living Foods

We're celebrating the first week of fall with an exciting Trader Joe's discovery—GT's limited-edition autumnal kombucha! This fizzy, spiced beverage is the perfect answer for those of us who are already sick of the Starbucks PSL or just want something with less calories and sugar.

GT's Living in Gratitude Fall Edition kombucha is just getting back onto store shelves for the season by popular demand, and we are huge fans already. This fermented bottle of goodness is made with pink lady apples, turmeric, carrots and a host of cider spices that will warm you up from the inside. Not only is this drink absolutely delicious on its own—it tastes like apple cider's more sophisticated older sister—it would also make a fantastic base for a festive fall cocktail.

This limited-edition flavor from GT's has 30 calories and eight grams of sugar per eight-ounce serving—so it's something you can actually enjoy every day, unlike a heavy pumpkin spice latte. Plus, it's only $2.99 per bottle, so it's also better for your wallet.

This special-edition bottle encourages us to live with gratitude and has sweet things to be thankful for on the bottle, like family, freedom, hugs and the sunrise. So sweet! But it gets even sweeter—for every photo of GT's Kombucha posted with the hashtag #LivingInGratitude on social media, the company will donate 10 meals to people in need through Feeding America. Time to get sipping and snapping!

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