Get your DVRs ready—Ina Garten is back and better than ever.
Ina Garten / Barefoot Contessa in a kitchen counter with prepared food and holding a spoon
Credit: NBC / Getting Images

We love October for so many different reasons. What's not to love about cool weather, fall decorations and pumpkin flavors galore? But this October, there's another surprise that's making this season even more enjoyable: Ina Garten is BACK. Yes, you heard that right. The Barefoot Contessa is back for a brand-new season of Ina Garten: Cook Like a Pro.

So, go ahead and cancel all of you plans on Sunday, October 27 at noon ET to spend time with Ina in her East Hampton home (one can dream, right?!) as she focuses on Italian dishes, make-ahead entertaining and holiday-inspired brunches.

"Ina's new season starts with casual fall meals and takes us right through holiday celebrations," said Food Network President Courtney White. "Our audience is sure to be inspired by her signature tips and recipes to create their own home-cooked dishes."

And if being graced with her new recipes isn't enough, Ina will be taking us on a few trips to the grocery store. "I'll show everyone how to go to a grocery store, buy perfectly good ingredients and make delicious, easy dishes that will delight everyone at their table," said Ina in a media release. We're particularly excited about this, because it's not *really* an Ina episode if you don't take a trip with her to a boutique grocery store or local butcher.

Not to mention, we're looking forward to learning all of her grocery store hacks. Spoiler alert: Some of them include buying premade ingredients, proving store-bought actually is fine.

Although we're more than THRILLED with this news, we have one question for Ina: Will Jeffrey be in attendance?! We'll definitely be tuning in every Sunday with our fingers crossed.