From almond to oat, we tried seven types (and countless brands) of vegan yogurt to find the best-tasting options.
28 different types of vegan packaged flavored yogurt containers from above

Vegan yogurt brands are taking over the dairy aisle and we've certainly been intrigued by all the different varieties. Whether you're going full-on vegan or just trying to reduce your consumption of animal products, considering a non-dairy yogurt option could be a great way to make plant-based smoothies, granola bowls and even homemade sauces. We tried seven styles of widely available vegan yogurts, totaling 28 in all—yes, we actually ate 28 vegan yogurts—to find the very best options.

The seven vegan yogurt bases we tried were almond milk, cashew milk, coconut milk, oat milk, pea protein, pilli nut and soy. Below you will find our top picks for each, except for cashew, pea protein and pilli nut because we just *really* didn't enjoy any of them enough. However, you can trust that the following are the most delicious vegan yogurts on the market!

Best Coconut Milk Vegan Yogurt (Plain): SoDelicious

So Delicious brand Coconut Milk Yogurt containers
Credit: So Delicious

Coconut milk yogurt was the most widely available vegan yogurt option in our area, and we can definitely understand why. The coconut milk-based yogurts were the most palatable of the seven different bases we tried, so we thought coconut milk yogurts needed two categories. This plain variety from SoDelicious was the perfect amount of sweet without being overpowering. It would be great on its own with some fresh fruit and granola or used as a creamy base for a smoothie.

Best Coconut Milk Vegan Yogurt (Flavored): Trader Joe's Apple Cinnamon

Trader Joe's brand coconut milk yogurt Apple Cinnamon flavor container
Credit: Trader Joe's

We were originally a little skeptical of this flavor, but it was absolutely delicious. It was subtle yet still tasted every bit like the apple-cinnamon flavors we love. Make sure to pick it up with all your other fall favorites from Trader Joe's.

Best Almond Milk Vegan Yogurt: Whole Foods Market 365 Vanilla

Almond milk yogurts were polarizing; they were either a major hit or a total miss. This vanilla flavor from Whole Foods' private label was creamy, slightly sweet and had just the right amount of vanilla. It was also much more smooth than the clumpy, cottage cheese-like options we tried. We're hoping they debut a plain flavor eventually, but we will happily snack on this one by itself or in a gorgeous parfait.

Best Oat Milk Vegan Yogurt: SoDelicious Spiced Pear & Fig

So Delicious brand Dairy Free Oatmilk yogurt, Spiced Pear & Fig flavor, in container
Credit: So Delicious

We're just going to go ahead and warn you that the color of this yogurt is pretty off-putting, but it is SO GOOD. While it is slightly runny, this yogurt has a fantastic natural flavor that makes it the perfect fall treat. It tastes like an overnight oat smoothie (in the very best way).

Best Soy Milk Vegan Yogurt: Silk Vanilla

Silk brand Soy Milk Vanilla Yogurt in container
Credit: Silk

Out of all the yogurts we tried, the soy milk options were the least memorable. But we still felt that this one was worth mentioning since its vanilla flavor was strong and creamy and would make a great base for smoothies. Top it with a little granola and berries and you'd have a great vegan breakfast.

Best Kid-Friendly Vegan Yogurt: Chobani Non-Dairy Strawberry

Chobani brand Non-Dairy Coconut Based Strawberry Yogurt
Credit: Chobani

We felt it was important to mention a yogurt that kids could get behind as well. Whether you have a lactose-intolerant child or are just trying to get your family to eat more plant-based, this is a seriously delicious option for kids and parents alike. It was pretty sweet but had a real strawberry taste, plus it was super thick and creamy.