Trader Joe's execs revealed some exciting new products on their latest podcast episode.
Trader Joe's storefront
Credit: SOPA Images / Getty Images

We blinked, and suddenly faux meat is taking over the world. While brands like Morning Star Farms and Tofurkey have been around for years, the industry's newest players—like Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat—are now making animal protein alternatives coveted by vegans and meat-lovers alike. And now Trader Joe's is getting into the game.

The company just announced on their latest episode of the Trader Joe's podcast (listen here!) that, after many customer requests, they are finally taking on plant-based meat with their own burger. Just don't expect it to be called a burger—or for it to bleed.

According to podcast hosts Matt Sloan and Tara Miller, Trader Joe's version of a meaty, plant-based burger will smell, look and taste a whole lot like meat—without having to bleed. Sloan, a meat-eater himself, even said he enjoys this as a flexitarian option when he's trying to cut back. He joked they will be calling their product a patty instead of a burger, saying, "the Cattleman's Association is storming the doors as we speak."

Not only that, but Sloan and Miller said Trader Joe's take on the burger will be more cost-effective—a dollar less than what's currently on the market. They also think it could be the start of a whole line of plant-based meat alternatives, like sausage, hot dogs and more. Herbivores everywhere, rejoice!

While we're waiting for this exciting new product to debut, there are several amazing meat alternatives already being offered at TJ's. Their Soy Chorizo is a fan favorite of both vegetarians and omnivores for its complex flavor and great texture. Additionally, Trader Joe's offers meatless sausages, meatballs, ground beef and even a vegetarian version of their most-loved product—frozen orange chicken. Trader Joe's also has some of the best deals in town on organic tofu and tempeh if you're looking for a minimally processed option that's also low in sodium.

Besides a new plant-based patty, Trader Joe's also announced they will come out with a Chocolate Lava Gnocchi and two-ingredient pasta alternative made from chickpeas and red lentils. Yum! We'll keep you posted for more information on these exciting products as we find out more!