Soup's On! Everything You Need to Make the Best Healthy Soup

These easy soup hacks guarantee a perfect bowl of soup every single time!

Slow-Cooker Mediterranean Chicken & Chickpea Soup

We love soup. It tucks tons of healthy ingredients into a flavorful broth and brings them together a spoonful at a time. Whether you like a hearty chili, pureed veggie soup, vegetarian soup or classic chicken noodle, we have all the tips and tricks you need to make healthy soups with ease all year long.

Stock Your Pantry


Pictured Recipe: Slow-Cooker Moroccan Lentil Soup

The secret to making perfect soup is having a pantry full of essential ingredients on hand so your last-minute soup nights are not only super easy but wonderfully delicious. Some of our favorite ingredients include low-sodium broth (vegetable, chicken or beef will do), whole grains and plenty of dried herbs. For the perfectly stocked soup-friendly pantry, check out our Must-Have Ingredients to Keep on Hand for Last-Minute Pantry Soups.

Essential Tools

overhead shot of three bowls of creamy soup in blue bowls on a wooden table

Pictured Recipe: Leek & Potato Soup

No matter how many essential ingredients you have in your pantry, you're not going to make the perfect soup without having some tools on hand. And whether you're making vegetable soup or creamy bisque, we have All the Tools You Need to Make Killer Soup.

Cooking Tips

Mexican Cabbage Soup

Pictured Recipe: Mexican Cabbage Soup

Now that your pantry is full and you have all the right tools, you can finally make a batch of delicious soup. And from enriching store-bought broth to cooking your grains perfectly, our healthy soup recipes will help you make the perfect soup every single time.

Saving the Leftovers


Pictured Recipe: Cream of Turkey & Wild Rice Soup

And now that you've made the perfect soup, you'll definitely want to save the leftovers. Check out How to Freeze Soup So It Tastes as Delicious as the Day It Was Made to ensure your soup is just as fresh when you eat if for lunch on a cold day or don't have enough time (or energy) to make dinner again.

Make It a Meal

Butternut Squash Soup with Apple Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Pictured Recipe: Butternut Squash Soup with Apple Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Most of the time, a bowl of soup is not quite filling enough to be a whole meal—unless we're dealing with a hearty stew or tasty chili. Even then, we still like to pair our soup with something delicious—like cheese toasts, easy breadsticks or 100-calorie additions—to round out the meal. And even if we aren't pairing our soup with something on the side, we can't resist topping it off with one (or more) of these delicious soup toppers.

Our Favorite Soups

Bowl of vegan potato leek soup

Pictured Recipe: Vegan Potato-Leek Soup

And now that you have all the tips and tricks for making the perfect soup, here are some of our favorite soups recipes that will satisfy your soup craving for any occasion!

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