Talk about "getting into the holiday spirit!"

Wine advent calendars have become a major holiday trend, and we are all for it. Why let the kids have all the fun when we can have a nightly treat of our own for 24 days leading up to Christmas? We've been scoping out our favorite options for 2019, and this stunning wooden Christmas tree advent calendar is proving to be a top contender.

LomaLiving, an Etsy retailer, makes gorgeous wooden gifts and minimalist home goods for the hip and modern home. We love this seasonal piece because it's not only the perfect answer to our boozy advent calendar needs, but it is modern enough to look tasteful in any style of home. You can choose between a calendar fit for mini bottles of wine and Champagne or for nips of your favorite spirits.

Wine and Spirits Advent Calendar
Credit: LomaLiving

This advent calendar takes just a few seconds to assemble and comes with a resealable bag to keep it safe for use year after year. This not only prevents waste, but also gives you a low-stress option for an adults-only advent calendar every holiday season. The only thing missing is your favorite vino or liquor, but we can help with that!

3 wooden christmas tree shaped bottle holding wooden advent calendars
Credit: LomaLiving

Your local liquor store will likely have plenty of options to fill up your advent calendar, but there are plenty of other retailers you can buy from. If you're looking for wine, World Market has a great selection of mini bottles of vino—you'll need ones that are 175mL. Several great online options for both wine and liquor include Total Wine, BevMo, World Wide Bev and Liquor Mart. Depending on which state you live in, you can either have these bottles shipped right to your door or to your nearest liquor store. Now, you don't have to worry about whether or not you'll like the wine or spirits options as you've handpicked them all!