SH!VR makes boozy frozen treats in six delicious flavors—including Rosé.
Frozen Sparkling Wine Mimosa Pops
Credit: SH!VR

We first went crazy for Costco's vodka pops, then for Claffey's Frozen Wine Cocktails. But as summer rolls to an end, we just may have found our new favorite boozy pop—SH!VR Frozen Sparkling Wine Pops. These adorable pops come in six flavors—Mimosa, Lemon, Cherry, Sour Apple, Bellini and Rosé—and are free of artificial colors.

Each sparkling wine pop is made with 4.7% alcohol, which is perfect for a late-morning brunch with friends or celebrating a bachelorette party at the beach. And we're just as excited about SH!VR's packaging—it is made with eco-friendly materials.

Another thing we love about these pops is that they are made simply with sparkling wine, natural fruit flavors and natural fruit purees. These pops are sold in a six pack for $42, which may sound pricey, but when you think about it, it's just $7 per mimosa. That's better than going out for a boozy brunch at some places!

As of now, you can only purchase these pops online, but thankfully, they offer overnight shipping to your favorite liquor store for free or home for an extra fee. We'll be soaking up the last moments of summer with these bad boys—and those of you living in the South can enjoy these even longer! Cheers and lick responsibly.